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What is

Hyperlocal La Campana - Altamira is a pilot project that utilizes Raspberry Pi computers as hubs for local community networking. The digital hub is based on the MAZI networking software.

The MAZI system on Raspberry Pi’s is independent of the wider internet and instead allows the community to share their own knowledge and learning locally without a reliance on external network connectivity which may not always be available or even desirable. The hub, as configured for the Hyperlocal pilot project, offers some initial creative learning activities for the entire family, such as guides to making soaps; a message decoding device; face masks; and a drawing robot. As part of this research, families receive the resources to engage in these creative activities, such as making materials and a low-cost smartphone to connect to the hub. This enables families to upload images and videos of their creative responses, and also to create further learning activities on the local community hub. Other members of the nearby neighbourhood can visit the Hyperlocal network hub, comment on families’ contributions and upload their own responses.

The aim of this research project is to create equitable access to quality education and to socio-economic development opportunities through hyperlocal and creative learning networks. We conducted a pilot study in the marginalised community La Campana-Altamira in Monterrey, Mexico. We are interested to hear from similar projects and expand our network of communities, designers, educators and researchers to learn with and from each other.


Hyperlocal is a proposal that is implemented as an alternative to the social and learning dynamics generated in Fab Lab Campana, which were interrupted by the current pandemic.


Hyperlocal La Campana-Altamira utiliza el kit MAZI del proyecto de la UE: MAZI: Desarrollo de un kit de herramientas "Hazlo por ti mismo" (Do it yourself) para la conciencia colectiva basada en necesidades locales.

Fab Lab Campana

En el año 2019 varios de los participantes de esta investigación hicieron realidad "Fab Lab Campana", un laboratorio de fabricación en la secundaria “CBTIS 99” en las comunidades de La Campana- Altamira, Monterrey, México. Un Fab Lab es un espacio educativo no formal que provee experiencia y equipo, como computadoras, impresoras 3D y cortadoras láser para promover la creación digital en colaboración con otros.

Pandemia Actual

La rápida propagación del virus del COVID-19 ha golpeado fuertemente a comunidades vulnerables como La Campana, dejado al descubierto una profunda brecha digital en el acceso a los recursos educativos en esta comunidad, lo que refuerza las desigualdades socioeconómicas. Con el Fab Lab Campana en el CBTis 99, la red Hyperlocal es una alternativa para contribuir con la educación y desarrollo de los niños y sus familias en esta comunidad.

Hyperlocal works

The Hyperlocal learning network uses low-cost devices (such as Raspberry Pi), where access to the Internet is limited, to create local networks that allow access to resources, online learning activities and encourage the exchange of creative responses between members of the community.

This project utilises three components to promote creative learning and interaction between families in the hyperlocal network:

Local wireless network

A "Raspberry Pi" mini computer creates a wireless network to which devices can connect within a 30 meter radius. This mini computer can be housed in the home of one of the participating families. La Campana Altamira is a densely populated area which allows 2 or 3 families to connect to one mini computer.

Digital platform

Within the pilot, each family receives a smartphone with which to connect to the Hyperlocal wireless network. The mini-computer contains a digital platform (MAZI interface) that:

  • Give access to information and video tutorials to carry out activities
  • Facilitates to upload photos and videos by the families
  • Allows to communicate with other families on the same network (send messages, photos and videos)

Learning kit

Each family receives a kit with the necessary materials to carry out the activities.

The team

Led by researchers from The Open University, an interdisciplinary team of researchers and experts in the UK and Mexico make Hyperlocal possible.

Dra. Nicole Lotz

The Open University

Lead researcher, Inclusive Design Education

Dr. Mark Gaved

The Open University

Researcher, Learning Technologies and MAZI

Dr. Derek Jones

The Open University

Researcher, Design Innovation

Alejandra Díaz de León Lastras

Fab Lab Network

Project Manager, STEM Education

Dr. Noé A. González Niet


Researcher, Innovation in Education

Rafael Machado

Fundación Insitu

Participatory Design Expert

MA. Lay-Wah C. Ching Chiang

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Researcher, PhD Student

Victor González Fregoso

Distrito Tec

Community Link

In addition, 12 students from Tec de Monterrey's social service participated in content creation, document translation, and data collection. They are:

Raúl David Domínguez Sánchez, Carlos Gerardo Herrera Cortina, Hugo Fidel Campos Espinoza, Ana Luisa Gaxiola Beltrán, Fernanda Fuentes Esparza, Adrián Villarreal Castillo, Raúl Aguilar Gurrola, Salma Handal, Oscar Iván Torres García, Luis Mario De Leija Piñón, Juan Carlos Vázquez Cortés y Laura Sofía Solís García

Pilot in
La Campana - Altamira

The Hyperlocal pilot takes place in the community of La Campana - Altamira. Ten families who live in the upper part of the La Campana hill and whose houses are close to each other were selected for the Pilot. Two to three families share one Hyperlocal network. Families are made up of 5 to 8 members each, including children.

During a 10-week pilot, families engage in making activities and share their learning within the family and with other families through the Hyperlocal network. We work towards involving the members of the La Campana - Altamira Community directly as co-researchers and co-designers of learning activities, from the safety of their homes and in collaboration with others.


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